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Sponsor a Little Critter

Sponsor a Critter

Our little critter crew  consists of cats, guinea pigs & rabbits. Each little critter costs around $25 a month to support. With this donation, each critter will have food bedding, and treats for the month!

Sponsor a Group 

Horse Legs

Sponsor a dynamic group session today! The group will have access to the horses & the little critter crew for the duration of the group session, in a group therapy setting.

Sponsor a Participant

Cowboy Items

Donate an amount of your choosing, to sponsor a participant(s) attendance to a group session. The participant will have access to the horses and little critter crew during the scheduled group session.

Sponsor a Horse

Animal brown horse

Help feed the herd! Sponsoring a horse will help provide hay, grain, shoes, and support the overall health & wellness of the horse.

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