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Group Equine Facilitated Therapy
Synergy Team Building

Group Equine
Facililtated Psychotherapy

Working with the well-trained horses of Healing with Equine Essence, an unforgettable experience will be provided in a group setting. Groups are great for all ages. Groups can be focused on several different working points, supporting the goals of each participant. Group Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy is a non-threatening, low-key way of promoting teamwork, communication, and bonding all by using the horse as the main tool.


Great for:

Business or Educational Field Trips

Community Programs/Organizations 

Lunch-n-Learn Meetings

Groups/Teams of any age

Synergy Team Building
(For Professionals)

Step out from the office, start moving, and get some fresh air! Synergy Building amongst team members, alongside horses, is proven to increase communication, maximize problem solving & support value based skills. Equine facilitated activities led by horses, and supported by your team members, is collaboration at its best. The Little Critter Crew is included.

Host your next group business meeting outdoors at a barn!

Great For:

Business Professionals

Mom & Pop Shops

Corporate Offices

Lunch-n-Learn Meetings

(Ladies Only)
Odyssey, a group meant for ladies only.  Need time away from it all? Come to the barn, commune with like-minded women, and enjoy working with horses in a relaxed outdoor setting. If interested, fill out the Odyssey group form & you'll be notified of the next exclusive gathering.

Great For: 
Moms, Wives, Aunts,
Sister Circles/Book Clubs
Women's Groups

Pregnancy Centers
The Little Critter Crew

Little Critter Crew

We have more than horses! We also have cats and rabbits! All of our small animals aka “Little Critter Crew” are trained therapy animals. The Little Critter Crew is available both on & off site. Critters are great visitors!

Great For:

Off site School or Office Visits

Community Programs/ Organizations

Birthday Parties

Senior Citizens

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